Portugal Casinos

In reality, it may well be Europe’s biggest casino, as the Portuguese claim, but with the building programs going on that might not continue much more.

One of the things that makes the Casino Estoril so different amongst not just Portugal’s casinos but the others of Europe is the function it’d from the 1920’s to the 1950’s. Estoril was quite the most trendy part of Europe for a particular set. After World War One, Dr. Salazar set Portugal up as a Fascist State: that does not sound like the kind of thing that would make a area popular, we understand. Nonetheless, what it did mean was that as the various issues originated in Central Europe, the many revolutions and so forth, and then WWII itself, Portugal was viewed as a safe haven for those with cash. So there were lots of dispossessed aristocrats, even some royalty, that made their way to Estoril over those years. The very fact that Portugal (like Spain) wasn’t in WWII either helped as well.

Along with this list of long-recognized Portugal casinos, an entirely new one opened in April 2006 in Lisbon called, incredibly, the Casino Lisbon.

There’s another reason why the Casino Estoril is quite the grandest of Portugal’s casinos, over and above those inter-war years. The entire area around Estoril has become the playground of the rich Portuguese for countless decades. Just north is Sintra (which is where Lord Byron wrote Childe Harold), which is where the Portuguese landowners would vacation in the cool away from the stifling summer heat of the plains. As fashions changed and individuals decided that being by the sea on vacation was the thing to do, then the closest two hamlets to Sintra were Estoril and Cascais. Both places still keep that air as a location for the rich to holiday, far away from the hordes of the less wealthy, who have a tendency to use the shores on the opposite side of the river from Lisbon.